Where to Start?

Pete's BrownWritten By: Peter Van Hattum

Photos By: Justin Dobson

If you are like me you may be coming across this page because you recently picked up a fly rod and are scouring the internet for every possible piece of information you can absorb on the days you can’t fish. I was there just a short time ago and thought some of you may like to check out a couple of resources that I found to be extremely helpful. As I looked at many of the items that were broad based introductions to fly fishing, I found that they were too broad and didn’t teach much except for the terms used and very high level concepts that would allow you to ask the right questions to get the real answers you needed. However, over time I did find a couple of things that Continue reading

Patagonia Rio Gallegos Wader & Rock Grip Bar Boot Review

Camo StrapsWritten By: Jamie Keown

Photos By: Justin Dobson

Admittedly I like new shit as much as the next guy… probably more. The marketing these days on new gear is genius. They shave an ounce off of last year’s boot weights or use a dab more resin and new a paint job on the latest rod and market it like the next best thing since sliced bread. Something inside of us all says “I’ve gotta have it”. Or at least something inside me does. It’s ok though, admitting to yourself that you crave useless gear is the first step in fighting the urge to pull the trigger on more shit that will inevitably sit in your closet collecting dust.

Last winter, after spending 7 plus years in my Simms Rivershed’s, I decided that it was time for an upgrade. I pondered on this decision for a while because those things had been damn good. At this point they look like they’ve been rode hard and put up wet (which they have) but they were still going strong. Wader technology I feel has vastly improved since the last time Continue reading

Connected by the Fly

HoochesWritten By: Pete Van Hattum

When I started fly fishing almost a year ago I never knew the journey it would take me on and the people it would connect me to. Many of those people are new friends which is to be expected because any time you have a new hobby you meet new people who have like interests. The thing that surprised me the most is how it has helped me reconnect with people from many years ago and the journeys we have had since.

To start the reason any of you are reading this article today is because Jamie of Winged Reel and I go way back to our teenage years and spent many good times together doing what teenagers do and a little bit of fishing. Back then Jamie was an avid fly fisherman and while I was interested in Continue reading

Do YOU Have What It Takes?


Written / Photos By: Jamie Keown

Have you ever considered taking your special lady fly fishing??  To some the very thought sends them into panic mode, with night sweats and the whole shebang.  Let’s face it 99% of us aren’t dating/married to an April Vokey type which means the night sweats are somewhat justified.  I recently started dating someone and we’ve had the chance to go on two fishing trips, most recently this past weekend.  She loves the outdoors and is eager to learn how to fly fish.  After our most recent trip I got to thinking about the positives and negatives, and the do’s and don’ts when it comes to fly fishing with your significant other.  I’ll share my thoughts on the subject but before I do I would just like to say there is no manual when it comes to fishing with your partner in crime and all opinions are mine and I fully expect to get some hate mail after writing this…. let the beating commence: Continue reading

The Value of Confidence

Brown Town

Written By: Pete Van Hattum

Photos By: Jamie Keown

When I first really started fly fishing I spent countless hours learning and studying technique. I would watch video after video and read books about casting, mending, and identifying the correct places in the water that would hold fish. However, the one thing I never spent the time to consider or focus on was the value of confidence in fly fishing.

To many people this may sound stupid. How can one’s attitude determine one’s success and to be honest I was in that camp. I figured that if I had all of the correct techniques I would Continue reading

Washing My Soul

Casting into the unknown

Written By: Justin Dobson

Photos By : Justin Dobson/ Pete Van Hattum

The past year has been an interesting voyage for me.  I’m really quite fortunate to have fishing as a part of my life through all the unpleasant changes I’ve faced.  There are times I’ve almost forgotten what the sport has done, or can do for me.  Explaining this to someone who doesn’t fish reminds me of an Albert Einstein quote; “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

Sure, I can explain what brings me joy, but combining all that fishing has given me throughout my years is complex and pretty tough to sum up.  I’m sure I could and most likely will spend Continue reading

Junk in Your Trunk

Junk in Your Trunk

Written By: Justin Dobson

Photos By: Justin Dobson

“Geek out”.  I love the term.  Most of us who are serious about fly fishing “geek out” at some point.  My moment came when losing a big fish on 2x tippet that should have held.  You try to imagine what went awry in that underwater world.  Did I not tie the knot well?  Teeth?  A rock?  Bad material?

In my quest for knowledge I pondered the following; what effects does temperature have on leader and tippet material.  How many of us are guilty of throwing the fishing bag in our trunk or cab and leaving it there until the following weekend or Continue reading

G Loomis NRX LP

Loomis Written By: Pete Van Hattum

Photos By: Pete Van Hattum & Jamie Keown

When I first looked at investing in a new high end rod, I will be the first to admit that Loomis was not at the top of the list.  After spending countless hours researching the likes of Winston, Sage, Scott, Hardy and many others online I stumbled upon a couple reviews of the NRX LP and decided to dig a little deeper.  Being a relatively new angler to the sport I was looking for Continue reading


Start.Use.Do from Winged Reel on Vimeo.

Written/Narration/Production By: Justin Dobson

Film By: Justin Dobson

What a crazy few months it has been for me.  I’ve found it even more important at times like these to carve out time to fish.  Start.Use.Do is about finding that time and making the most out of it.  The original plan was to just squeeze in a few hours of fishing while I was going by one of my favorite rivers I seldom get to fish.  Boredom struck early on the 2 hour drive through farm land and I found myself selfie filming myself lip syncing “Turn down for what” (to be posted at a later date naturally).  That’s when the idea spawned to try and shoot some decent solo film of my mini weekday adventure using just my smart phone.

Filmed entirely with an iPhone 5 during my 4 hour hiatus from performing my “day job” work duties, filming this reminded me to keep things simple and to use what you have to make the most out of the your free time.  So if you’re heading out past your favorite water, pack a rod.  If you’ve forgotten where your rod is, find it.  And if you only have an iPhone, use it.

Start where you are.  Use what you have. Do what you can.