Junk in Your Trunk

Junk in Your Trunk

Written By: Justin Dobson

Photos By: Justin Dobson

“Geek out”.  I love the term.  Most of us who are serious about fly fishing “geek out” at some point.  My moment came when losing a big fish on 2x tippet that should have held.  You try to imagine what went awry in that underwater world.  Did I not tie the knot well?  Teeth?  A rock?  Bad material?

In my quest for knowledge I pondered the following; what effects does temperature have on leader and tippet material.  How many of us are guilty of throwing the fishing bag in our trunk or cab and leaving it there until the following weekend or Continue reading

G Loomis NRX LP

Loomis Written By: Pete Van Hattum

Photos By: Pete Van Hattum & Jamie Keown

When I first looked at investing in a new high end rod, I will be the first to admit that Loomis was not at the top of the list.  After spending countless hours researching the likes of Winston, Sage, Scott, Hardy and many others online I stumbled upon a couple reviews of the NRX LP and decided to dig a little deeper.  Being a relatively new angler to the sport I was looking for Continue reading


Start.Use.Do from Winged Reel on Vimeo.

Written/Narration/Production By: Justin Dobson

Film By: Justin Dobson

What a crazy few months it has been for me.  I’ve found it even more important at times like these to carve out time to fish.  Start.Use.Do is about finding that time and making the most out of it.  The original plan was to just squeeze in a few hours of fishing while I was going by one of my favorite rivers I seldom get to fish.  Boredom struck early on the 2 hour drive through farm land and I found myself selfie filming myself lip syncing “Turn down for what” (to be posted at a later date naturally).  That’s when the idea spawned to try and shoot some decent solo film of my mini weekday adventure using just my smart phone.

Filmed entirely with an iPhone 5 during my 4 hour hiatus from performing my “day job” work duties, filming this reminded me to keep things simple and to use what you have to make the most out of the your free time.  So if you’re heading out past your favorite water, pack a rod.  If you’ve forgotten where your rod is, find it.  And if you only have an iPhone, use it.

Start where you are.  Use what you have. Do what you can.

Fly Fishing in the Digital Age

A taker wm

Written By: Jamie Keown

Photos By: Matt Bornhorst, Justin Dobson & Jamie Keown

I went back and forth on this subject before eventually deciding to write my official stance on the matter. I didn’t want to come off as an arrogant asshole or have some think I wasn’t in favor of growing the sport we all love. I realize we are in the digital age. Results are instantaneous and everyone, including myself, craves instant gratification. Want to know the weather, visit weather.com, see how your favorite sports team faired, hop on espn.com. I could go on and on but the days of information spreading via Continue reading

Then & Now

Rainy Day Bow

Written/Photos By: Justin Dobson

I’ve fished nearly my whole life, much of those memories are some of the best of my childhood.  And as memorable as the fish I caught are the people I fished with.  As I have grown older, my idea of a fishing buddy has evolved somewhat drastically.  I’m not saying I didn’t like the friends I fished with as a kid, it’s just I never came to fully appreciate their value until Continue reading


Jamie-isms from Winged Reel on Vimeo.

Written/Produced/Edited By: Justin Dobson
Jamie-isms By: Jamie Keown

Over 3,200 people have now viewed our latest short “Freezin’” on Vimeo.com in the last 2 weeks. Thanks for all the kind words and support. Just so you don’t think we are getting too sappy, I’m releasing a “behind-the-scenes” short consisting of what was really said during filming. This short “Jamie-isms” takes a look at our most mentally enlightened contributor; Jamie Keown. Because he is a recovering redneck, I have added subtitles (interpretations are up to you). After reviewing several of the clips, I realized the nonsense that comes out of his mouth is actually quite amusing. No scripts here, just a little jack & dixie champagne and pure off-the-cuff “Jamie-isms”. He asked me to not make him look like an idiot. I did my best. Enjoy!


Freezin’ from Winged Reel on Vimeo.

Written/Narration/Production By: Justin Dobson

Film By: Justin Dobson, Jamie Keown & Matt Bornhorst

At it again, The WR crew with some thoughts on winter fishing and givin’ good reason to be freezin’. This film was shot over the course of three days in North Georgia. An overnight cabin stay turned into an extra night and a food shortage when Atlanta’s “Snowpocalypse” hit in late January. We at first felt cursed by our timing with the weather, looking back we were quite blessed. The trip had some extreme highs and low (not only in temperatures, but in meals and attitudes).

A lot of folks here in the Southeast hang it up when there is plenty of open water. Hope this short film inspires you to bundle up and get out before one of our favorite fishing seasons has passed you by.

Rally the GA Troops!

TU tagWritten By: Justin Dobson

You know those fancy wildlife tags that are available to you at your local tag office?  Yeah, the ones that you pay more to get initially and then a special tag fee each year to have it adorning your whip?  Those fees go places, and Georgia House Bill 730 proposes a change to how much of those fees go where.

Currently when you purchase a wildlife tag, you pay a total of $80.00:  $20 for the annual tag fee, $1 to the county tag agent, $10 to the sponsoring organization, and $49 to the state’s general treasury.  When you renew that tag, you pay Continue reading