The "newbie"

Sharing What You Know

Written/Photos By: Matt Bornhorst     I had a trip to one of my favorite North Georgia creeks scheduled for a couple weeks and was thoroughly looking forward to it.  Work had been quite busy and I needed that relaxing day on the water like no one's business.This was going to be a bit different ...
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Leapord Prints

Twenty Years Well Spent

Written/Photos By: Justin Dobson     I was 13 years old when my fascination with fly fishing began by watching Saturday morning fishing shows.  I bought a few mosquito pattern flies and would cast them out into ponds for bluegill using a small bobber and Zebco push button set-up.  I was hooked ...
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Good Looking

Get Outside the Box

Written By: Justin Dobson - Photos By: Matt Bornhorst     “You should’ve been here yesterday”.  We have all heard the success stories from other anglers.  Usually it’s on the days when it seems your luck has run low.  It’s easy to get stuck in a pattern of fishing the places and fli ...
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Blue Halo Line
Written/Photos By: Justin Dobson     I’ve just returned from a two week fishing trip up the east coast.  A few months prior to departing I evaluated the current condition of my gear and waffled over purchasing new fly line before this big trip.  Because our plan was to fish for both warm wate ...
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In Pursuit

Chasing Ghosts

Written/Photos By: Justin Dobson     It’s a never ending void you have to fill; chasing various species and visiting the places on your fishing bucket list.  This Spring, with the help of my Father, I began planning a trip to the Maine backcountry to target the states iconic brook trout popul ...
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Busting Bows in the foam line

Wood is Good, Foam is Home

Written By: Jamie Keown - Photos By: Byron Bennett     I know we’ve all heard the saying and there is definitely some truth to it. I’m not much on handing out tips but since we’ve just let the cat out of the bag on top tips from the school of hard knocks I felt it mildly appropriate to put ...
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Golden brown, texture like sun

Lessons Learned

Written By: Matt Bornhorst w/ commentary - Photos By: Justin Dobson     Fishing is relatively new to me.  I didn't grow up fishing a lot and didn't get addicted to it until my mid-twenties.  What hooked me to the sport is when I took a road trip to Massachusetts in the pursuit of smallmouth ...
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The last of them lingering on the roadway

A Bug’s [Long] Life

Written/Photo By: Justin Dobson     This year we have been blessed in select areas of the east coast with what most of us who fish find fascinating, while others may find gross.  The arrival of the 17 year cicada's.  These aren't the annual cicadas you hear buzzing off and on in the trees duri ...
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A beauty for sure

A Gift To Each Other

Written/Photos By: Justin Dobson     “The fish you put back is your gift to another angler, and, who knows, it may have been another angler’s gift to you.”Lee Wulff.There are so many famous fishing quotes which ring true or strike a chord amongst those who fish.  This just happens to be my ...
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Thanks for the sign!

Leave My Dry, Leave Me High

Written/Photos By: Justin Dobson     It’s that time of year.  Winds blow warm and blankets of green transform the landscape and create a canopy of shade and new casting obstacles.  With it comes a new brood of winged food for our finned fare.  I visited one of my favorite creeks last weekend ...
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