Wild scarcely spotted bow


Chris recently sent us this note on Facebook:I began to reply via Facebook and quickly realized how ridiculous it would be to type this on my smartphone.  I also thought it’s a topic interesting enough to post and share here on our blog.So let me begin with this statement; I’m in no way a fi ...
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In Deep Appreciation

It's hard to believe that out of all the time I've spent in Georgia fishing trout waters, I had still not made the time to chase native Brook Trout.  I enjoy all types of fishing, however something didn't seem appealing about chasing these tiny trout high in the mountains of thick, twisted bru ...
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Brown Trout

Show Me Your Thing

Written By: Kyle Vaughan     Many anglers go through a process of maturing or finding themselves within the recreation of fishing. Through this process of maturing and learning, it helps us figure out what type of fishing or water we identify as our favorite, or our "thing"- what we enjoy ...
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By Night, By Day

This short film tells the story of fly fishing guide and musician, Hunter Morris. We're lucky to have worked with Hunter during the past year and was glad he let us tell his story of the price you pay to do what you love.Thanks to Hunter and the members of Blue Blood, Fly Fishing North Georgia, Noon ...
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Trout Snacks

To Seine or Not To Siene

One of the oldest debates within the fly fishing community is "proper drift vs proper fly pattern", and which one holds the most weight. Ask this question around a group of half boozed up fly anglers and you're likely to get a split between the two with various reasoning's behind their argument. Per ...
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By: Kyle Vaughan    About a week ago, I came across this writing from 2013 and I am not exactly sure what I wrote it for. I'm glad I did though. It brought back a lot of memories from this trip that I had forgotten.......On Saturday Jamie, Byron, and myself set off on a day trip up to the Chatto ...
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Mmmm….. Beer

Contrary to popular belief Homer Simpson isn't the only one who enjoys an ice cold barley pop. Beer seems to go hand in hand with fishing and even more so in the fly fishing community. And for good reason. A frosty cold one is the perfect way to reflect on the days events, whether it be the epic c ...
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Spring Has Sprung2

Dry Flies & Wet Thighs

While pollen has been ravaging the lower elevations for the past month or so, the high country is doing it's best to free itself from winters final strong hold. What does that mean for folks in the southeast? Dry flies and wet thighs of course!Check out some photos from our first wet wading trip of ...
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Salt Life Brah

Admittedly I'm a salt novice. I can count the number of trips on one hand and all have been diy, leaving me with nothing more to show for my efforts but some smallish Sea Trout. Like almost everything in my life, I feel the need to go about things the hard way. Figure it out myself and accept that ...
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We were fortunate enough to film and photo the 2016 FCA Fundraiser again this year.  Weather was good, fishing was great, and the cause even better. If you're interested in any of these photos, please right click on the photo and click "copy link" or "copy short cut" and paste that link in an email ...
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