Pflueger Medalist Review

Return of the Mack: Pflueger Medalist

Most folks entertained by fly fishing and who have made a few trips around the block have owned a Pflueger Medalist.  Black, chrome and old is a fine combination.  It was my first fly fishing reel, and I’ve retired it to a shelf, right next to other important mementos like portraits of my little ...
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Wet Dreams, Vol. 1

Obviously I spend a lot of time studying fishing.  At some point in every angler’s life he dreams about places he can’t afford to go to.  I have my list burned into my memory banks, hoping someday to begin checking them off.  Life is short, and today I came to the realization that I spend ove ...
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Sage Accel Rod Fly Fishing Winged Reel

Sage Accel: Smooth As Silk

After being gifted a new Sage Domain reel for my birthday this year by my super sweet and exceptionally beautiful girlfriend, I knew I needed to get a new stick to pair with this badass new reel. It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased a new rod and since that time, conservatively, I would estimat ...
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Noontootla Creek Farms

Noontootla Creek is an amazing creek to begin with. Rugged, natural, crystal clear and healthy. It pours out of the Appalachians near Blue Ridge, GA. Once out of the boundaries of the National Forest, it's first journey is through Noontootla Creek Farms (or commonly known as NCF). NCF is a 2 mile pr ...
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SmithFly Digi-Pouch
In prior years, I was toting around a Pelican case to carry my camera gear. It is big, bulky, obviously rigid, and limited my options in fishing packs. I got to a point where I was tired of carrying a normal-sized backpack on day trips. I found myself getting immensely frustrated with the routine o ...
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ly Fishing Elbow - Fly Fishing Spring Fed Ponds Large

Fishing Elbow

I remember the day when fly fishing was an old man’s sport.  It seems that day is closer than I thought.  Although I expected to grow old fishing I hadn’t anticipated injuries that would occur as a result of fishing.  I’ve spent a lot of time this year, much more than usual, throwing big st ...
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30th Century Fisherman

Last month, two days after my own birthday, an invention that changed the way I fish turned 10 years old.  It has surely changed more than just the way we fish; it has changed life for us all.  In a world of technology where anything seems possible, it’s easy to overlook how something so widespr ...
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Glidin' through the Glades3 (800x450)

Getting Salty

I’ve spent most of my fishing days meandering mountain streams and exploring rivers. It seems like I could spend a lifetime exploring new waters. About 5 years ago I made the decision to give up all other hobbies to only chase fish with a fly rod and I continue to find myself shedding obligation, ...
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In 2014, I began a quest to catch a big brown trout (salmo trutta) in the small streams of the southern Appalachia.  Inspired by the catch of a lifetime, a quest and friendly challenge was started amongst friends to bag the king (or queen) of all "butter bellies" within a years time.  #SALMOSEARCH ...
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2015 FCA at Mountain Town

Photo Gallery By: Matt BornhorstHad an excellent time taking photos and helping to shoot some film of this top shelf event benefiting a great cause. ...
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