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Longterm review - Orvis Silver Sonic Guide WadersIn order to appreciate this review, you need to know a little of the backstory that lead to this purchase. Years ago, Orvis used to hold what they called “Tent Sales”. There would be numerous facilities around the country where Orvis would basical ...
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Lulu Dobson Winged Reel

Apple of my Eye

Written By: Justin Dobson - Photos By: Katie LloydI consider myself very fortunate to have a wonderful little girl in my life.  She was born with the same inquisitive spirit and passion for adventure as her father and all that’s needed is for me to expose her to the fertilizer that will feed her ...
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Fern Valley Film

Finished up stitching together the great footage we got from our trip to Fern Valley On The Soque.  What an excellent trip.  It's so nice to go back and review the play by play action.  You also come to appreciate the day more after watching it back.  Couldn't have asked for better weather reall ...
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Pete Van Hattum Jamie Keown Fly Fishing Winged Reel

Fishpond Delta Sling

Written By: Jamie Keown - Photos By: Justin Dobson     A sling? A hip pack? Or the best of both worlds.I’ve spent the better part of 20 years and a small retirement plan looking for the perfect pack. At some point I was a vest guy, a chest pack guy, a backpack-chest pack combo guy, and a minim ...
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Fishpond Net Fly Fishing Winged Reel Rainbow Trout

Hatchery vs. Wild Trout

Written By: Pete - Photos By: Pete, Jamie Keown     What are the Biggest Differences?The discussion of the differences between hatchery and wild trout is one we have been having for some time. While I have had my opinions on the differences that I have seen, it wasn’t until recently that I had ...
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Socks for days

Making Memories

Written By: Justin Dobson - Embarrassing Photo by: Whoever was at the Gate 43 shed     It’s without a doubt one of the best things we take away from fishing is the memories. Even those with only a few years of fishing have already had a chance to earn memories on the water.  For those of us w ...
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Laying it down - Fern Valley

Fern Valley on the Soque

Written By: Justin Dobson - Photos By: Matt Bornhorst     We just finished spending a great weekend taking photos and film on a Georgia River which I personally hadn’t had a chance to fish yet.  I’ve passed over the Soque River in Clarkesville several times prior in my travels but understoo ...
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Gone in 4 seconds - Photo By Matt Bornhorst

Keep Em’ Wet

Written By: Jamie Keown - Photos By: Matt Bornhorst     Fad (noun)Something (such as an interest or fashion) that is very popular for a short time Believe it or not I actually saw an advertisement for a stick that attaches to your phone in order to take selfies of your butt. It’s calle ...
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Pete's Rainbow

Simms Freestone Waders

Written By: Pete - Photo By: Jamie Keown     I feel like any time you review a pair of waders it better be after they have some miles on them. I would expect that all waders work for the first couple trips but what happens after they have been through briars, fallen in rivers and streams, and tr ...
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Matt Bornhorst - MB Photography

Fishin’ with Frugality

Written & Photos By: Matt Bornhorst     Anyone else besides me realize how much fly fishing equipment and camera gear costs?  Just saying those words causes money to disappear from my checking account like it wasn’t even there to begin with.  I like to think of myself as pretty frugal and ...
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