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Bowfin Winged Reel Okefenokee

Lippa4Life Review

So, since June of 2016, I've managed to contain my excitement about releasing our film, "One Man's Trash".  We also decided to keep it a secret and build some curiosity around what type of fish we were targeting.  Being that we didn't want to give any hints, we have kept more than just the species ...
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Nice Pack Co

So I’ve been in possession of a Midge Pack from Nice Pack Co for a little over a year now.  I’ll be honest that I’m generally guilty of carrying too much and have never been a lanyard user.  I carry enough gear to easily switch between nymph, streamer and dry rigs and of course, I can’t fo ...
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KK2 resized

Klean Kanteen

Review – Klean KanteenOver the past few years, my wife has been doing a lot of reading and research into health and general wellness.  One of the things that she, like many others, has identified as an area of concern is what containers we use for our drinks.  I have been using various plastic c ...
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Pflueger Medalist Review

Return of the Mack: Pflueger Medalist

Most folks entertained by fly fishing and who have made a few trips around the block have owned a Pflueger Medalist.  Black, chrome and old is a fine combination.  It was my first fly fishing reel, and I’ve retired it to a shelf, right next to other important mementos like portraits of my little ...
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Sage Accel Rod Fly Fishing Winged Reel

Sage Accel: Smooth As Silk

After being gifted a new Sage Domain reel for my birthday this year by my super sweet and exceptionally beautiful girlfriend, I knew I needed to get a new stick to pair with this badass new reel. It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased a new rod and since that time, conservatively, I would estimat ...
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SmithFly Digi-Pouch
In prior years, I was toting around a Pelican case to carry my camera gear. It is big, bulky, obviously rigid, and limited my options in fishing packs. I got to a point where I was tired of carrying a normal-sized backpack on day trips. I found myself getting immensely frustrated with the routine o ...
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Orvis Guide waders external loops zingers pliers forceps william joseph 3
Longterm review - Orvis Silver Sonic Guide WadersIn order to appreciate this review, you need to know a little of the backstory that lead to this purchase. Years ago, Orvis used to hold what they called “Tent Sales”. There would be numerous facilities around the country where Orvis would basical ...
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Pete Van Hattum Jamie Keown Fly Fishing Winged Reel

Fishpond Delta Sling

Written By: Jamie Keown - Photos By: Justin Dobson     A sling? A hip pack? Or the best of both worlds.I’ve spent the better part of 20 years and a small retirement plan looking for the perfect pack. At some point I was a vest guy, a chest pack guy, a backpack-chest pack combo guy, and a minim ...
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Pete's Rainbow

Simms Freestone Waders

Written By: Pete - Photo By: Jamie Keown     I feel like any time you review a pair of waders it better be after they have some miles on them. I would expect that all waders work for the first couple trips but what happens after they have been through briars, fallen in rivers and streams, and tr ...
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Camo Straps
Written By: Jamie Keown - Photos By: Justin Dobson     Admittedly I like new shit as much as the next guy… probably more. The marketing these days on new gear is genius. They shave an ounce off of last year’s boot weights or use a dab more resin and new a paint job on the latest rod and mark ...
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