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Salt Life Brah

Admittedly I'm a salt novice. I can count the number of trips on one hand and all have been diy, leaving me with nothing more to show for my efforts but some smallish Sea Trout. Like almost everything in my life, I feel the need to go about things the hard way. Figure it out myself and accept that ...
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I Left My Heart

Here's a short from footage we shot this summer with Capt. Ren of Serenity Fly in Southwest Florida.  As usual, I left behind plenty of big snook and tarpon, as well as a piece of my heart (we're all human, right?).  That's what keeps us going back though.  Southwest Florida is an incredible fish ...
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Glidin' through the Glades3 (800x450)

Getting Salty

I’ve spent most of my fishing days meandering mountain streams and exploring rivers. It seems like I could spend a lifetime exploring new waters. About 5 years ago I made the decision to give up all other hobbies to only chase fish with a fly rod and I continue to find myself shedding obligation, ...
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