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Gone in 4 seconds - Photo By Matt Bornhorst

Keep Em’ Wet

Written By: Jamie Keown - Photos By: Matt Bornhorst     Fad (noun)Something (such as an interest or fashion) that is very popular for a short time Believe it or not I actually saw an advertisement for a stick that attaches to your phone in order to take selfies of your butt. It’s calle ...
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Slingin' Bugs

2014 Year In Review

Written By: Jamie Keown - Photos By: The Whole WR Crew     It’s that time of year again… the time when we all swear off booze for the coming year and make a “serious” commitment to eat healthy. I think we all know how that one plays out... It’s also the time of year when we look back a ...
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Rude Buck Nasty - Peter Van Hattum

Open Season Vol. 2 (follow-up)

Written By: Justin Dobson - Photos By: Jamie Keown & Brent Davis     Last month Jamie had written about the proposed changes to the Georgia trout season and upcoming public meetings to gauge opinions.  I had the opportunity of attending the meeting at Red Top Mountain in Cartersville on a ...
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Kyle Askew

Thanks to WR Friends and Supporters

Written By: Justin Dobson - Photos Submitted by Friends, Supporters and IG followers     This Winged Reel site had VERY humble beginnings in 2012.  I’m so grateful for the good times I’ve had with the people I’ve met along the way.  When a few years back someone commented that they'd ...
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Pete's Brown

Where to Start?

Written By: Pete - Photos By: Justin Dobson     If you are like me you may be coming across this page because you recently picked up a fly rod and are scouring the internet for every possible piece of information you can absorb on the days you can’t fish. I was there just a short time ago and ...
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Connected by the Fly

Written By: Pete Van Hattum     When I started fly fishing almost a year ago I never knew the journey it would take me on and the people it would connect me to. Many of those people are new friends which is to be expected because any time you have a new hobby you meet new people who have like int ...
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Casting into the unknown

Washing My Soul

Written By: Justin Dobson - Photos By : Justin Dobson/ Pete Van Hattum     The past year has been an interesting voyage for me.  I’m really quite fortunate to have fishing as a part of my life through all the unpleasant changes I’ve faced.  There are times I’ve almost forgotten what the ...
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Happy JuFLY 4th!

Swing by Instagram this weekend and repost our 5 panel July 4th photo for a chance to win a WR hat.  Merica! ...
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TU tag

Rally the GA Troops!

Written By: Justin Dobson     You know those fancy wildlife tags that are available to you at your local tag office?  Yeah, the ones that you pay more to get initially and then a special tag fee each year to have it adorning your whip?  Those fees go places, and Georgia House Bill 730 proposes ...
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IMG_1872 (2)

“…a better person”

Written By: Justin Dobson     I’ve said before that I feel fly fishing makes me a better person. It’s strange to me how many share this same thought. Why? Well I guess that answer may be different depending on who you ask. For me fly fishing lets me get outside to see beautiful places. It put ...
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