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FF class 2013 098

WR FUNdamentals Class

Written By: Justin Dobson - Photos By: Matt Bornhorst     WR started almost a year ago with the intent to find and involve others who were interested in improving and protecting the quality of our fisheries for us and the next generation.  I've found one way to do that is to educate others wh ...
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Let the water wash your problems away

An Avid Recreationalist

Written/Photos by: Justin Dobson     In everyday life, you are separated by class or number.  Whether it’s your college degree; P.E., M.D.,  I.T.  your title at work; lead, senior, global, manager  your financial status; upper class, middle class, no class or even your ...
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The "newbie"

Sharing What You Know

Written/Photos By: Matt Bornhorst     I had a trip to one of my favorite North Georgia creeks scheduled for a couple weeks and was thoroughly looking forward to it.  Work had been quite busy and I needed that relaxing day on the water like no one's business.This was going to be a bit different ...
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