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One Man’s Trash Trailer

I'm really excited to announce our film, "One Man's Trash" will premiere at the 2017 Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3t) in Atlanta on Thursday, March 16th, 2017 at the Buckhead Theatre ( "One Man's Trash" is another man's treasure. This journey takes us int ...
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Brown Trout

Show Me Your Thing

Written By: Kyle Vaughan     Many anglers go through a process of maturing or finding themselves within the recreation of fishing. Through this process of maturing and learning, it helps us figure out what type of fishing or water we identify as our favorite, or our "thing"- what we enjoy ...
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By Night, By Day

This short film tells the story of fly fishing guide and musician, Hunter Morris. We're lucky to have worked with Hunter during the past year and was glad he let us tell his story of the price you pay to do what you love.Thanks to Hunter and the members of Blue Blood, Fly Fishing North Georgia, Noon ...
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By: Kyle Vaughan    About a week ago, I came across this writing from 2013 and I am not exactly sure what I wrote it for. I'm glad I did though. It brought back a lot of memories from this trip that I had forgotten.......On Saturday Jamie, Byron, and myself set off on a day trip up to the Chatto ...
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Salt Life Brah

Admittedly I'm a salt novice. I can count the number of trips on one hand and all have been diy, leaving me with nothing more to show for my efforts but some smallish Sea Trout. Like almost everything in my life, I feel the need to go about things the hard way. Figure it out myself and accept that ...
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Nathan Crowe Salmosearch (800x607)
The fly fishing community is a small world, and when you catch and release an incredible fish in a small stream you usually never know who will catch it next.  Thanks to the internet and social media, those dots are being connected a lot easier now a days and it sometimes allows you to see who ben ...
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Noontootla Creek Farms

Noontootla Creek is an amazing creek to begin with. Rugged, natural, crystal clear and healthy. It pours out of the Appalachians near Blue Ridge, GA. Once out of the boundaries of the National Forest, it's first journey is through Noontootla Creek Farms (or commonly known as NCF). NCF is a 2 mile pr ...
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ly Fishing Elbow - Fly Fishing Spring Fed Ponds Large

Fishing Elbow

I remember the day when fly fishing was an old man’s sport.  It seems that day is closer than I thought.  Although I expected to grow old fishing I hadn’t anticipated injuries that would occur as a result of fishing.  I’ve spent a lot of time this year, much more than usual, throwing big st ...
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