The Winged Reel

By: Justin Dobson

If the logo doesn’t look remotely familiar, you may have been buried under a rock your whole life.  The “Winged Wheel” has been a symbol of progress since the late 1800′s.  Used for everything from Police Motorcycle Units (always been a fan of C.H.i.Ps), to professional Hockey.  Although, it’s the original meaning and cause that caught my attention and seemed to carry over well to what my idea of fishing is. 

The winged wheel was first used by The League of American Wheelmen, or L.A.W..  They were an organization with intense focus on improving roads for cyclists, and some accredit them for modern roadways.  Roads here in the U.S. were built for bicycles, not cars.  This group had alot of influence on the recreation of cycling.  Read here for the history lesson so I don’t ramble:

I’d like to think the “Winged Reel” is a symbol for a similar cause.  For advocates who are passionate about the sport.  For those who are interested in improving and protecting the quality of our fisheries for us and the next generation.  The Winged Reel will be a place for the like minded folks to share media, art, thoughts, ideas, and share experiences related to arguably the worlds most satisfying sport.


2 thoughts on “The Winged Reel

  1. Looks great ! Looking forward to checking out future merchandise and a fishing photo gallery. What do you think about a trip or destination page for like minded anglers looking for adventure and angling destinations accross the country and beyond ?

  2. Thanks Gene! A little help from a talented guy like yourself goes a long way. Speaking of a trip/destination page, I’ve been meaning to write a post about the secrets of fishermen. Some folks only feed you “need to know info”, others fill you full of great tips to help you find fish, and then there are those hold onto their secrets like a sack of gold coins. I can’t imagine all the fish I wouldn’t have caught if it wasnt for a few folks sharing some closely gaurded info.

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